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Boccanera & Perazzoli snc has been present for over fifty years at the International Airport of Rome - Fiumicino handling national  and international air shipments as IATA Agent (International Air Transport Association) and carrying out all customs formalities necessary for import and export of any kind of goods.

Location of offices and warehouse in the heart of Cargo City as well as the direct management and supervision of all operations by the owners, Mr. Riccardo Boccanera and Mr. Dario Perazzoli, both Customs Brokers, enable us to serve our clients with personalized, complete and competitive services, tailored to meet small, medium and large companies' and organizations' requirements.

In addition to all customs and shipment operations, the firm also provides complementary services: logistic services supported by its own warehouse (bonded warehouse) equipped with cold room, ground services,  consultancies for international trade, assistance in obtaining certificates and licences from authorities and Ministries, Intrastat service.

Boccanera & Perazzoli snc is part of extensive network in the major areas of economic interest and is Italian representative of many Freight Forwarders taking care of all their traffic at Fiumicino airport as exclusive Agent.

Boccanera & Perazzoli snc therefore represents a valid reference point for the most demanding users of air transport and provides customers with the highest competence, professionalism and experience necessary for an accurate and precise management of international trade.



2023 - Where travel restrictions allow, we are working to keep offering the best possible service to our customers.

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Our highly skilled Customs Brokers can support you with their wide competence in any different fields of the customs clearance process, taking care of your declarations, classification of your commodities and carring out any other customs clearance formalities connected with the import and export of goods.

We gained specific experience in handling special products and perishable goods as food, plants and live animals (pets and exotics), also assisting you in obtaining specific documentation (CITES, ICE, Phytosanitary, etc.).

We can also offer dedicated storage in warehouse.


Boccanera & Perazzoli snc, in addition to regular import/export consignments as GENERAL CARGO to any destination with the support of a worldwide network, are expert in handling shipments of special commodities requiring particular care and highest experience and professional care, also offering ground services by dedicated and technologically adequate vehicles:


  • PER - PERISHABLE GOODS: Shipments of agricultural and food commodities, along with farm and garden products supported by own cold room in airport.

  • AVI - LIVE ANIMALS: Shipments of live animals (tropical fish and other aquarium, terrarium and aviary animals) and assistance in obtaining required certificates. Specialist in shipping Pets. (Pets Shipping Service ) .

  • DGR - DANGEROUS GOODS: Properly trained and regularly up-to-dated staff, particularly skilled in automotive (motorcycles and cars).

  • VALUABLE : Shipments of jewellery with highest security and professionalism in transportation and customs procedures.

  • PERSONAL EFFECTS: To and from any destination.

  • DIPLOMATIC: Shipments of Diplomatic Mail Pouches by selected carriers and assistance for releasing incoming Pouches.



Cooperating with main and most reliable Air Lines, we take care of shipping pets, providing safe and secure travel for Your four-legged friends.

Pets shipped as CARGO fly on board of scheduled flights, in dedicated and pressurized aircraft holds at controlled temperature.

Thanks to our wide and ongoing experience, we can lead You step by step through this delicate process, making the journey more comfortable for Your animal and more practical and convenient for You:

· customized assistance in arranging the journey and selecting the adequate kennel;

· Veterinary & Travel documentation compliance reviews;

· booking procedure and flight arrangements with main and most reliable Air Lines, offering fastest itinerary and best care during possible transit;

· assistance at airport for acceptance formalities;

· Customs clearance upon departure.





Pets shipped as cargo can only fly in

IATA approved    cages of   adequate size .

Minimum age: 3 months (to be verified)
Rabies vaccination: Since 1 month and no more than one year.
Microchip Required
Temperature Restriction: Higher than +29°C / 85°F
Lower than +7°C / 45°F


CEE Destinations:  Pet Passport
Extra CEE Destinations:  Health Certificate issued by Public Veterinary (ASL). Valid for 10 days.

Special procedures and/or import permit might be required by some Airlines or Countries (i.e.: Australia, Canada, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zeland, Sudafrica, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.A.).

It is Customer's responsability to verify Entry Requirements for each Country of destination. guarda







2023 - We are ready to assist you in making transportation arrangements for dogs and cats. Airlines have specific procedures in place for the acceptance, handling and delivery of your animal.

January 2021 - Flight connection are still limited and we are keeping in touch with Airlines in order to find shipping solutions for Your pets to main international airports. Please send us Your request and we verify possible option.

June / November 2020 - Flight connections are gradually resuming, even if with some reduction and limitation still apply. Also live animals and pets are going to fly again to different destinations subject to confirm (most in Europe and USA). We welcome Your request.

May 2020: Flight connections are increasing, even under special flights schedule, enabling to reach European and overseas destinations.

March / April 2020: Most of flights are still cancelled and strong restrictions for live animal shipments are placed by various Countries, however a few destinations in Europe can be reached (Paris, Bruxelles, Frankfurt and Zurich).



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